Dirty Sexy Chocolate FILM CONTEST  


A friendly contest to produce short films themed on the sexiness of chocolate.



Dec. 1 - Dec. 15, 2015:      open submission period

Dec. 15 - 31, 2015:          judging period

Jan. 1 - 22, 2016:           staggered screenings

Jan. 25, 2016:               award announced



  • dirtysexychocolateshow.com

  • Social media

  • Local cinemas

  • Live performances of The Dirty Sexy Chocolate Show (“DSCS”)



Participants are invited to create a short film highlighting the sexiness of chocolate, not to exceed 1 minute in length. They submit to DSCS, and a panel of judges (artists/filmmakers tbd) will choose the top film. Judges ain’t eligible, don’t worry. All films will be screened via social media over the course of three weeks in January and potentially in other venues, including at our live performances of The Dirty Sexy Chocolate Show. 



Winner takes all. Top film will be awarded $100 + $20 gift certificate (something local tbd) + 2 free reserved tix to our ridiculous and chocolatey show (total value ~$200). If winner is nowhere near any of our shows on the 2016 Northwest Tour, we’ll ship you $100 + a killer goodie bag from Missoula, MT +  some hand-made truffles from our friends at Posh Chocolat in Missoula (total value ~$200).



  • no more than 1 minute long

  • featured use of exactly 1 lb of dark chocolate on screen (no more, no less)*

  • film highlights the inherent sexiness of chocolate

  • must be in the PG-13 to R range with NO EXPLICIT NUDITY — this is food porn, not porn porn

  • must include filmmaker credit somewhere in the film without going over time

  • full HD 1920x1080, .mov format only


*Provided by our kickass Chocolate sponsor Posh Chocolat if you live in Missoula, MT or nearby — if not you’re on your own, sorry.



  • is it wildly creative?

  • is it sexy?

  • is it kickass?

  • does it not take itself too seriously?



  • One submission per person

  • Filmmakers upload their work to YouTube or Vimeo and provide private link to DSCS

  • DSCS will embed videos on website and/or social media

  • Filmmakers will allow DSCS to download films for future promotional use only

  • Mac-friendly file formats only

  • For the on-screen chocolate: do NOT contact Posh Chocolat. Please email us at dirtysexychocolateshow at gmail dot com to arrange pickup.



Filmmakers will maintain exclusive ownership of their work but agree to give DSCS unlimited rights to use the films for purposes of promoting The Dirty Sexy Chocolate Show in perpetuity. DSCS will not have the right to use films for any other purpose without explicit permission. Submissions must be wholly owned by the filmmaker and created expressly for this contest. By submitting your work you are agreeing to these terms and you agree to release DSCS from any liability whatsoever, forever and ever. DSCS acknowledges its love and respect for filmmaking as an art form, which is why we want to do this whole fun thang in the first place. We love our fellow creators! Everybody eat chocolate then dance naked in traffic!

Dirty Sexy Chocolate Show